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The External Data Management Platform, providing data teams with the capabilities required to orchestrate and manage all their external data.

Any external data source, any frequency, any format
OnboardData and MetadataConnectors
DeployConfigured as neededData APIsData Shares
Manage Centrally
  • Logs, monitoring and alerting
  • Metadata management and data certification
  • Platform Security & Compliance
External data solutions in your Data Hub

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The Platform to manage all your external data

Demyst is an External Data Management Platform, empowering data teams to deliver value to their business stakeholders by orchestrating trusted external data pipelines, at scale.

The Demyst Platform has the core components of:

  • Connectors as a single interface to any upstream source

    Remove the complexity of managing different sources of data and their metadata by delivering a single, unified experience of connecting to any API, bulk file or stream.

  • Data APIs for real-time data access in production workflows

    Deploy a single connector or an orchestration of many together, as an API. Simply build with Demyst's proprietary configuration language, integrate through a standardised Demyst REST endpoint, and manage with in-built logging, monitoring and alerting.

  • Data Shares for delivering bulk data into landing zones

    Rapidly access bulk files of data in your landing zone, configured to your needs with the format, schema, scheduling and more, such as as a Snowflake table share or into a AWS S3 bucket.

  • All managed through our Configuration Gateway APIs

    Simply manage and maintain complete visibility of all your data, through the configuration gateway. Managed through your own version control systems and access secured with multiple levels of controls.

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Powerful features that make the difference

Standardised ingress to streamline external data connectivity

  • Connectors remove the complexity of external data integration with standardised ingress, an automated LLM-enabled way of generating a standardised connection and relevant metadata for any upstream data source

  • Leverages automatic schema detection to create data dictionaries and apply Demyst's attribute types that improve match rates

  • Detect and flag anomalies when ingesting data to remove downstream risks

The deep metadata needed to fuel your Data Hub

  • Extensive connector metadata means remaining in control of your Data Hub and fostering data use. Access data dictionaries, performance statistics, usage logs, and governance metadata such as usage rights

  • Integrates with other enterprise data catalogs such as Informatica, Collibra and Alation, simplifying metadata management

Improve solution performance with simple data harmonization and more

  • Use external data orchestration across multiple sources, creating a single Data API that optimizes for cost or includes redundancies with water-falling, failovers and more

  • Avoid managing a complex array of endpoints by integrating with Demyst's standardised REST endpoint

  • Automatically cache data you've already called to save on data costs

Simple deployment of data when, where and how you need it

  • Easily schedule Data Shares to access bulk data from multiple sources in your data lakes and warehouses

  • Reduce the time it takes to ingest and manipulate data into a workable data product. Transform upstream data from any source into the "agreed in advance" standardised format, naming conventions, encoding, record validation methods, retry mechanism and more

No more errant data with external data visibility

  • Have complete control of all your data and its use, manage incidents with alerts, and ensure governance compliance. Fueled by detailed logging of all data movements

  • Enterprise grade security functionality helps keep data security at the forefront, including SSO, MFA, user access controls, IP whitelists, and more

  • Simplify support with a standardised error layer across all data sources. Trust in Demyst frontline support to triage and manage complex multi-provider incidents

Speed up time to data access with Data Provider Certifications

  • Ensure there is a compliant path for business users to leverage for external data evaluation in a reasonable timeframe

  • Derisk your data evaluation backlog. Demyst provides data procurement, due dilligence and ingestion services for evaluation data, completed to best practice standards

  • Ensure compliance with proper data use by ingesting this information as Connector metadata

Security you can trust

Demyst is dedicated to secure and compliant data use to support critical business decisions. It maintains dedicated Security, Compliance, and IT teams that are empowered to act.

We adhere to
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • FCRA
  • GLBA
SOC logo

Demyst is SOC 2 Type II Certified and maintains an information security program based on established security standards such as NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001.

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SOC 2 Type II Certified
GDPR Compliant
CCPA Compliant
FCRA Compliant
GLBA Compliant