Careers at Demyst

Modern Enterprises are now adopting data as a first class citizen, with a mentality that external data has the breadth and richness that is critical to every function of an organization. Yet, getting your external data house in order at scale is proving to be much harder than Enterprises expected. Demyst is an External Data Management Platform, providing data teams with the toolkit required to manage all their external data. We empower data teams to enable their business users by orchestrating at scale, tailored pipelines that provide trusted external data. With Demyst, Data teams experience more data and more trust with less effort, improving data ROI and driving outcomes through their business users. Don't miss out on the opportunity to play a vital role in revolutionizing data management for enterprises.

Job Openings

Demyst is a wonderful place to work, but being a coveted workplace means we are vulnerable to recruitment phishing scams. Most of these have individuals posing as representatives of prominent companies, including Demyst, with the aim of obtaining personal, sensitive, or financial information or extracting payment from would-be candidates. The scams prey upon an individual’s desire to obtain a job and can sometimes feel like a genuine recruitment process.

We urge all job seekers and candidates to be aware of such potential scams.

Should you encounter a recruitment process that claims to be for Demyst but is not consistent with the legitimate recruitment process, please do not provide any personal or financial information:

  • Most importantly, Demyst employees and recruiters working on our behalf will never solicit personal data (e.g., date of birth, social security numbers, or bank account information) from candidates during the application and interview phase. An out-of-the-blue request for such data is the biggest flag that the interaction is not legitimate.
  • Demyst may request some personal information to start the hiring process or draft a contract, but this will take place after a full recruitment process which includes multiple interviews by Demyst employees, including the hiring manager.
  • Demyst’s recruitment processes include communication with candidates through recognized professional networks, such as LinkedIn. However, further communication is always through an official Demyst email address (from the domain), over the phone or through recruitment platforms such as Workable. While we sometimes work with external recruiters which may have non-Demyst email addresses, they will connect you Demyst employees with official Demyst email addresses for interviews.
  • Demyst’s interviews are conducted over the phone or via Zoom with video activated.

If you think that you have been a victim of fraud: