Demyst and AWS Data Exchange

Demyst and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Exchange help customers get data into production to achieve data-driven business outcomes faster.

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Accelerate Data Discovery

  • Access hundreds of external data connectors available through AWS Data Exchange and the Demyst Platform in one place.
  • Leverage the Demyst Platform’s proprietary data discovery tools to test external data connectors.
  • Combine external data connectors into multi-source apis at the click of a button.
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Outsource Compliance

  • Demyst use case certification for applicability of external data connector to use case.
  • Dedicated compliance team with the ability to audit external data partners on-demand.
  • Periodic data partner audits to ensure compliance with data collection, management, and consent standards.
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Outsource Procurement and Billing

  • Leverage Demyst’s procurement team to setup upstream data partner contracts based on use case scope.
  • Administer use case billing and maintenance within AWS Data Exchange.
  • Retire AWS committed spend by purchasing data via the AWS data exchange.
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Secure Data Infrastructure

  • Access 1000's of data connectors from hundreds of data partners within the AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • Manage data transfer and management using pre-assigned AWS Subscriber ID.
  • Utilize AWS S3 technology for bulk transfers.
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Access External Data Solutions

  • Real-time API and Batch configurations available via the Demyst Platform.
  • Transaction monitoring and up-time management.
  • Periodic data quality review to verify match rate and stability.
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We’re excited about our collaboration with Demyst to make it easier for customers to discover and leverage hundreds of data sources directly, and efficiently, in the Demyst platform.

Arif Razvi

Worldwide Leader

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